500 Golf Balls for Sale (Almost New)

All brands including Snell, Titleist, Srixon, Bridgestone, Taylor Made, Vice and more.

Buy a dozen at $7.50.

Buy two dozen at $14.00.

Buy three dozen at $20.00.

Buy four dozen at $26.00 ($6.00 a dozen)

Two dozen minimum. Custom dozens $14.00 a dozen.

Buy all 500 for $200.00 plus a free Nickent putter.

Willengers Golf Club Rated

My first official course rated which should not be a surprise since I am a member there. My scoring like my wine reviews will not be 96 pointers and higher. Here is how I rate golf course which with this system it will be almost impossible for any course to score much more than a 94 due to the price factor. Here is the link to my rating of Willengers Golf Club.

Willengers Scored: 91/100.

Hello Twin Cities Golfers

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Twin Cities Golfing was created in 2021 to promote golf for everyone. While there are the golf elite who only play at Country Clubs, Twin Cities Golf will provide opportunities to the other 98% of Minnesota who enjoy the game or will be introduced to the game. My name is John Glas and I have run Twin Cities Wine Tasting (3 Day Wine Review) since 2005. Look for future golf course deals, promotion of the junior golf throughout MN and golf instruction to improve your game.