Hyland Greens Practice Range

Here is my overall assessment of this operation.

The Range

Range Grass: Being closed all of last year did not help and Three Rivers Parks District took over this year and for inheriting a mess they have done a good job getting the range back in the game. With about 30 yards of grass it is a bit chewed up at this point, however I was able to always get a good lie. They are seeding but with the drought hard to grow grass this year. For being closed last year I am taking that into consideration.

Grade: B

Ok area but then moved over and picture below is better grass.
Nicer grass

Targets: They have distance markers as targets. For some reason the flags were not up like 2 years ago. Not sure why. You will need to use the range finder to figure out exactly how far they are since they are measured from the center of the range grass. Get the flags back and the score would go up. Probably the best thing is the left side acts as a fairway between trees so it is really good practice for your driver. Also easy to see where your ball lands.

Grade: B

This angle allows for a nice driver session.

Spacing: Plenty of space going across. The middle spots are an issue however as you would hit right into a clump of trees so pick one of the end areas. Not busy at all in the morning.

Grade B-

Overall Range Experience: B

Chipping Area

This is the best part of Hyland Greens. About 35 to 40 yards of chipping into the green area which is a real green. Turf was a little beat up in places but good practice for an area of the game I personally struggle on.

Grade: A-

Overall Practice Experience: B