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2 Free Rounds at Willinger’s Golf Club

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Tour Ball Auction ends Friday Night

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I have found over 5,000 golf balls over the last 2 years and having fun with a lot of tour balls. There are 150 of them and bidding starts at $60.00 on Facebook Market Place.

Just type in the comments your bid. Currently at $60.00.

Go to the link to bid: Marketplace – 150 Tour Balls (Brand New to slightly scuffed) BID IN COMMENTS END FRIDAY NIGHT | Facebook

The Fake Golf Ball Challenge (Par 3 of course)


I usually play first in the morning but I could see you doing this if it was really slow on a shorter par 3. I hit the foam golf balls in my yard but they usually hit a tree so really don’t know how far they go. This is the 2nd time I put it to the test on Willingers Golf Club Hole 3. Usually plays around 130 off the blue tees.

First attempt:


5 iron

8 iron


2 putt

Total: 6 strokes

Second Attempt:


5 iron

52 degree wedge (should have hit the PW)

Chip (Almost holed it)

2 putts

Total: 6 strokes

I might have to this on hole 5 a par 4 next time and try and get under 15 strokes.

Willengers Golf Club Rated

My first official course rated which should not be a surprise since I am a member there. My scoring like my wine reviews will not be 96 pointers and higher. Here is how I rate golf course which with this system it will be almost impossible for any course to score much more than a 94 due to the price factor. Here is the link to my rating of Willengers Golf Club.

Willengers Scored: 91/100.