Twin Cities Golfing: Product Reviews

Like any range session I warm up with wedges and some irons before tackling the driver. Today I wanted to test the Taylor Made M2 I bought over 4 years ago vs. the Callaway Epic Flash Triple Diamond Driver I just bought yesterday. The look of the two clubs to setup are different.

When setting up to the ball, the M2 has a better look than the Flash. Just seems to look more stable. Personal preference I know but very important for the confidence.

The weight of both clubs is very similar and grips are similar.

When swinging the clubs very similar feel but the sound of the M2 is significantly better. The Callaway Epic Flash has a tin like sound at times. I had read about this in reviews and really don’t care as long as it goes.

The misses were the telling factor. Huge hook on the Callaway on the misses while the M2 would still be in play. I tend to draw the ball and the Callaway is suppose to fade the ball more. I will adjust the settings and play around with it.

The solid shots were very similar in distance. I did not pick up any more yards on the newer technology and both clubs are set at 9.5 loft. I tended to hit the Callaway a little higher than the M2.

Overall winner today: M2

I will be testing it out on the course at Willengers on Tuesday as that is the most important factor.