Willingers Golf Club Driving Range & Chipping Area

As a member of Willingers Golf Club for eight years, I have been impressed with the practice facility with the exception of the chipping area. My reviews are unbiased so here we go.

The Range

Range Grass: Willingers is the only range I have been to that actually has good grass at the end of the day. Very few people are hitting on the range at one time and they have done an amazing job of seeding immediately after each day. With 50 yards of grass you will never have an issue with dirt like so many ranges. Another advantage is the rough on the sides which I am in too often on the course that I like to practice out of.

Grade: A+

3:00 pm on one of their busiest days
I like to practice out of the rough on the sides of the range.
Turf is amazing this year with the drought.

Targets: They have flags set up on the range and for clubs 200 yards and in they are very easy to see and get an idea of how accurate your shot is but this is a very short range built in 1991 when 280 yards was a long drive so your driver will often times go off the end of the range but you at least know if you hit it straight. The iron site lines are way better than Braemar.

Grade: B+

Spacing: Plenty of room as there is hardly anyone on the range. I think one time I had to wait to hit balls in 8 years. Tons of room between the ropes.

Grade A

Overall Range Experience: A

I like this range better than Braemar as the turf is a little better and the iron greens are easy to see how accurate you are. For you 300 plus drivers probably not the best range.

Practice Putting Green

One of the better practice putting greens in the Twin Cities. Not a ton of slope but the greens on the course don’t have that. The green rolls true to the course and has real holes. Great putting green to practice lag putting.

Grade: A

Only wish is allowing short chip shots.
Long practice green like the holes on the course.

Chipping Area

The chipping area is the downfall at Willingers Golf Club. The only decant practice is uphill chips. Side chips and above the green don’t really play realistic to the course. I have not tried the new, improved bunker but that just go completed this week. The short grass is really thick and rough can be good practice but limited.

Grade: C+

New and improved bunker.

Overall Golf Practice Experience: A-

This would be an A if the chipping area was better.